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Have you ever asked a teacher, "Why do I have to learn this?" Upper Valley Career Center students understand why they need to study academic topics which directly relate to their chosen career and technical program. A student who may have been intimidated by the thought of taking a Chemistry can excel in Culinary Chemistry. Math isn't just math here. It is the shared language of many career fields and the pulse of business globally. A working knowledge of American Government has real meaning when students grasp the personal impact of civil liberties and the justice system. That's just the beginning of the adventure that is academic achievement at Upper Valley Career Center.
Physical Geology Environmental Science
Anatomy Advanced Physical Science
Forensic Science Science
Culinary Chemistry Chemistry
American Sign Language  
English 11, 12 College English
College Prep English Advanced English
Transitional English Contemporary English
Algebra l, ll Math 11 , 12
Pre Calculus Technical Math
Comprehensive Math Transitional Math
Leadership in Society American Government

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Many academics relate to a particular program.

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Take College English at Upper Valley Career Center and earn college credit at Urbana University.

Forensic Science

You've seen enough CSI shows to know this is cool science. Processing a crime scene takes a sharp eye and the input from the entire team.
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