Information Technology

Information Technology

Computer Information Technology

Students are prepared careers dealing with information technology deployment and prepares them with the needed training to acquire key certifications.

Juniors | Level 1

Information Technology
This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of computer concepts and essential skills necessary for work and communication in today's society.  Students learn safety, security, and ethical issues in computing and social networking.  Students will also learn about input/output systems, hardware and operating systems as well as office applications.

Students will learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Student will learn the basic units of logic: sequence, selection, and loop. Students will apply this knowledge to create programs that solve specific problems.  Students will gain experience in using commercial and open source languages including Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML and PHP.


Seniors | Level 2

Database Applications Development
Students will develop strategies to manipulate date, present database systems theory, and develop database driven applications.  Students will learn to import and export data, manipulate table properties, make advanced queries and run basic forms and reports.  Students will develop methods for automating database tasks.  Students will build web sites with a database backend.
Computer and Mobile Applications
Students learn to design and develop applications for mobile devices using commercial and open source software.  They will install these applications, modify them, and develop customer service skills to handle user issues.  Knowledge and skills related to customer service will be addressed.

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