Project Search

Project Search

Project SEARCH is a one year, high school transition program which provides training and education leading to employment for individuals with disabilities.

Project SEARCH serves as a workforce alternative for interns in their last year of high school with the potential for three elective high school credits to be earned for successful completion of the program.

Intern applicants gain admission into Project SEARCH through a selection committee process. Qualifying adults with disabilities may also apply and will be accepted if space is available. All applicants whether high school students or adults must be eligible for services through the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission. The shared goal of all partners is competitive employment utilizing the skills built through program.

Globally, Project SEARCH is based on collaboration between professionals, individual interns, and their families. The partnership includes a school willing to provide the training portion of the program, a local business to facilitate a work environment, and state and local agencies to provide project oversight and continued support.


Upper Valley Project Search contributing partners include the Upper Valley Career Center, Upper Valley Medical Center, Miami and Shelby County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, and the State Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. All partners are vital to the success of the program.
Upper Valley Medical Center located between Troy and Piqua provides a training classroom and on-campus work rotations. Angel Johnson, UVMC Employment Coordinator; and Robin Fisher, UVMC Volunteer Services Manager, serve as the business liaisons.

Project Search operates through the cooperation of these fine partners...

Project Search operates through the cooperation of these fine partners...
- The Upper Valley Career Center
- Upper Valley Medical Center
- Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities
- Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities
- State of Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff Patti Moore
TAP: Project Search Coordinator
Fax 937.440.7886
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