State of Emergency Information

State of Emergency Information

The Upper Valley Career Center's Piqua campus is closed until further notice. All staff members are working from home.
There are many uncertainities at this time, but our administration is working to get answers and will inform parents and students on the latest information as it comes from the Ohio Department of Education and Govenor DeWine.
We thank you for your patience during this uncertain time. If you have questions that are not answered here, please send an email to [email protected] 


April 2 - Update from Mr. Haak

Governor DeWine announced that schools will be closed through at least May 1, 2020. Here are several important points regarding this.

School is Still in Session (...just in a different form)
  • It is crucial that students continue doing work online and make a good faith effort to complete assignments.
    • Student participation, or lack of, may influence a student's ability to return to the Career Center next year, and may have an impact on graduation this year.
  • We want to see you all succeed so please reach out to teachers through email or phone call if you are having any difficulties.
  • Stay engaged for the next seven weeks and end the school year strong. 

Needed Packets for Assignments?

  • If you do not have internet connection, or a reliable connection, we can offer printed packets.
  • To receive an April assignment packet
    • Call UVCC by Friday, April 3  (937.778.1980)
    • Select option 3 (Attendance Line)
    • Leave the student's name, program and contact number on the machine
  • Packet Pick-Up/Drop-off
    •  Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9
       7:00 am - 7:00 pm in the front entrance 
    • April packets can be picked up
    • Completed March packets can be dropped off
    • Students will not have access to the building just the main entrance for packet pick up/drop off.  

Stay safe and engaged in learning! 

One Call from Dr. Luce - March 24, 2020

This is Superintendent Nancy Luce with a message for UVCC students and parents.  Your teachers have been actively developing lessons for you during this time of school closure.

I wanted to let you know that online lessons have been developed and are available  to you.  In addition, packets were distributed  to those without any access to the internet.  

All students should be working steadily to complete these assignments.  The teachers will be providing feedback and grading your online work.  Packets will be turned in once we create a specific process to do so.  Students and parents are encouraged to email teachers questions.  For those that do not have the internet you can still call your teacher and leave a message on their voicemail and they will return your call. 

The lessons you received are designed to cover the next two weeks.  Additional plans will be made once we know the Governor’s expectations after April 3rd.

I realize these are challenging times.  Our goals are for you to be safe and to provide you with the means and guidance to continue your education to the best of our ability under the circumstances.

Thank you for your time.

March 20 - Meal Services Discontinued

As of March 19, 2020, all on-campus meal service is being discontinued during this shutdown due to low demand. 
The health and safety our our students is our first priority, so we are grateful that their dietary needs are being met by local school districts and other community sources.

March 16, 2020 Update

1. No Internet Access - Need Paper Packets? 
As we move to online lessons, we realize that not everyone has access to the internet and/or a printer. Consequently we will be developing packets for these students. So that we can make sure you have what you need, I am asking that if you do not have access and need packets, that you call the school at 937-778-1980 and choose option 3.  At that point, please provide your name, program, and a contact number where you can be reached. It is important that you contact us by this Thursday.  We will then be following up with you early next week to explain the next steps.

2. Meals 
Secondly,  Grab and Go meals will be served on the March 19 from 11:00 am to 12:30pm.  We will again be providing breakfast and lunch options for three days.  All meals will be served at the double doors by the patio off the east end of the dining commons.  

Thank you again for your patience as we work through the myriad of details posed by this difficult situation.

March 15, 2020 Update

Good afternoon, to UVCC students and parents. - this is Superintendent Nancy Luce.

I want to remind our students that you are not expected to report to school for the next three weeks. Your teachers are preparing online lessons and will be providing information to you within the next week.  Please make sure you check your email several times per day.

Seniors  - I understand that you have many questions and concerns about graduation requirements. Superintendents have asked these same questions to Governor DeWine and Ohio Department of Education representatives.  These are highly unusual circumstances and I am confident that decisions will be made so that you are not unfairly disadvantaged. This issue is one not only faced by Ohio’s seniors but by students throughout the country so we are also dependent on decisions by the US Department of Education. In the meantime, I have asked your counselors and teachers to focus as much as possible on providing you with the instruction and opportunities you need to complete a graduation pathway.

Also, tomorrow we will be serving lunch to any student with transportation between 11:00 and 12:30. You will have the option of eating on site with the necessary precautions or having it boxed to take with you. In addition, you will receive breakfast and lunch items for Tuesday and Wednesday. Plans are being developed to provide ongoing meal service for pick-up. I would also urge you to check your home schools for the details of their meal service, if you don’t have transportation to UVCC. Since ongoing details are being finalized, please remember to check the UVCC website for the latest information.

On behalf of the Board, administration and staff of the Upper Valley Career Center, please know that we are working diligently to serve our students to reduce the impact of this difficult situation as much as we possibly can.  We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.

March 13, 2020 Update

High School Plan for Monday, March 16 - Friday, April 3.* 

  • Friday, March 13
    • The last day on campus for students until further notice
  • Monday, March 16
    • Students are permitted in the building if approved by the individual instructor to complete necessary work. 
  • Tuesday, March 17
    • From this day forward, all student contact should be on a virtual-only basis. 
    • If a student does not have internet access at home, details will be provided via phone on how they can complete their assignments
  • Monday, March 23
    • All instructors and staff who are able to work remotely will do so.
    • Virtual Lessons - Students should begin receiving online lessons from each of their instructors. 
    • Instructors will develop set hours to be online and available to students for questions and assistance. Each teacher will coordinate with their classes to communicate these times.
  • Work Placement & Apprenticeships - Students on work placement will continue to fulfill their responsibilities based on parent and employer agreement. Talk to your instructor and program supervisor for specifics.
These plans are subject to change based on further updates from the Governor’s Office and the Ohio Department of Education. 
Please encourage your student to check their email on a regular basis. 
*The Adult Division plans are being developed with other adult career programs from across the state. We will provide updates as soon as we are able.
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