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Taesha is just one example of a Career Center student who is active on campus and at her home school. Her story begins here...  The story is here.


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Want to get the best out of your high school experience? Plan to attend every day. Write the best version of your life story!

Career and Technical Education is an incredible learning experience.  Active and engaging, even the classroom work relates to your interests and career field. It's high school but it is also a whole lot more! Consider this: all career tech programs provide a direct link to post-secondary education. Many include college credit and the possibilities for scholarships. Advanced or Early Job Placement and apprenticeships are more reasons to consider the potential of Upper Valley Career Center. Our students jump start their futures with the pursuit of their dreams.

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New Treasurer Welcomed

Feb 3, 2016 – Anthony Fraley brings CTE experience to the job

January Honors

Jan 28, 2016 – Students of the Month Announced

Students of the Quarter

Jan 22, 2016 – Honored

Botkins Sophomore Wins TV

Dec 13, 2015 – Manufacturing and Machine Technologies 2016

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HS Closed

Feb 12, 2016 –

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