One-to-One Laptop Program

One-to-One Laptop Program

Computers Connect to Knowledge

Upper Valley Career Center has long recognized that technology improves and enhances the educational experience of our students.   We are excited to have a "1-to-1" program where all students enrolled in a main campus career technical program will have access to a laptop computer at any time.  The 1-to-1 program aligns directly with the Upper Valley Career Center mission to provide the highest quality, most technologically advanced educational opportunities for students.

The major goals of this program are to provide students with 21st century learning environments both at home and in school, and to give all students access to technology resources. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to utilize research-based, technology-enabled practices to inspire and capture the imagination of our students. Upper Valley Career Center is creating a learning environment that fosters enhanced rigor and relevance through inquiry, project-based learning, and differentiated instruction – all supported by continuous access to digital technologies. Students will have the ability to work on projects and research both at school and while off campus. Whenever possible, they will have 24/7 access to the software that they use in school. We believe that the laptop is an essential tool to assist them in thinking critically, analyzing data, solving real world problems and creatively publishing their work.

The funding for our 1-to-1 program is made possible through career-technical equipment funds which are provided annually by the state. These funds are restricted in use to equipment that advances the career technical learning environment. Because we believe that all career areas, both now and in the future, require advanced technology and cognitive skills, these funds have been earmarked for the continued purchasing of laptops and Chromebooks to support our 1-to-1 program. The use of the existing career-technical equipment funds means that the 1-to-1 program can be deployed with little additional cost to the district.

A technology committee consisting of teachers, administrators, and technology specialists continues to develop comprehensive plans to address the complexities of a 1-to-1 program. Staff development for teachers has been, and will continue to be, a top priority. Upper Valley Career Center has also installed and developed a robust and stable wireless infrastructure throughout the main high school building to support our 1-to-1 program. We realize that students and parents may have additional questions concerning our 1-to-1 program. Please feel free to access our online FAQ sheet for additional information.

Our 1-to-1 program represents an exciting technology advancement and one that we believe will continue the Upper Valley Career Center’s tradition of improving learning through technology.

Senior Incentive Program

Upper Valley Career Center recognizes those students who strive to achieve above and beyond. Graduating seniors have the ability to keep their computer with our thanks and respect if they meet the criteria established by the Board of Education...
  1. Perfect attendance senior year
  2.  Honor Roll (semester 1 and 2)
  3. Seniors who earn a Two-Year Career Certificate with Honors (95% attendance and overall 3.5  GPA)
  4. Seniors in a junior program who meet Criteria 1 or Criteria 2
  5. Seniors in the Teacher Academy who meet Criteria 1 or Criteria 2

Early graduates, senior or junior, do not qualify. Students who are not issued a one-to-one device do not qualify. Seniors with any form of out of school reassignment, suspension or expulsion do not qualify.

Questions regarding the Incentive Program may be directed to the Director of Technology.
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