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Our Emerging Leaders series is intended to provide relevant topics for the workplace with an interactive curriculum that touches upon the most needed skills as requested from our business partners.

Each session contains three hours of informative presentations with thoughtful discussions and exciting activities. The sessions are designed to concentrate on relevant information while maintaining a limited time commitment. Session times can be tailored to company needs.

Sessions | Available as individual courses or an entire series

Conflict Resolution

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Provides an awareness of conflict and ways of recognizing how to respond. Gives options for designing a plan for conflict and how personality, emotions, and empathy play a role in the process.

Team Building

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Explores the foundation of the nature of teams. Identifies division versus consensus and how collaboration complements the team. Identifies trusting teams and what successful teams look like.


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Assesses emotional intelligence and motivation. Names various leadership styles and qualities. Discusses categories of power and sources of influence.

Compassionate Leadership

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Delves into why compassion is important. Explains the connection of emotional intelligence to being a leader. Focuses on purpose, self-compassion, and a personal mission statement.

Change Management

2 Sessions

Session 1:
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Session 2:
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Describes the perspectives and personalities that affect change. Recognizes the value of stakeholders and their role in making progress toward advancements. Estimates readiness to accept differences. Determines communication channels and the importance of a behavioral change plan.

Each class is $100 or $550 for the entire series.

You can attend either the Thursday night session or the Friday morning session.

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