Computer Information Technologies

Computer Information Technologies

The focus of this program is the information services and support area. CIT prepares students for careers dealing with information technology deployment and prepares them with the needed training to acquire key certifications. Graduates are encouraged to further their education in information technology through post-secondary education.

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Our Instructor

Taylor Adami
Level I & II Instructor
937.778.1980 x790

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What We Do in CIT

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Level One | Junior Year

Computer Hardware

Students will learn to install, repair, and troubleshoot computer hardware systems. They will perform preventative maintenance practices and learn techniques for maintaining computer hardware security. Communication skills and professionalism in troubleshooting situations will be emphasized.

Information Technology

This first course in the IT career field is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of computer concepts and essential skills necessary for work and communication in today's society. Students will learn safety, security, and ethical issues in computing and social networking. Students will also learn about input/output systems, computer hardware and operating systems, and office applications.


In this course, students will learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Students will learn the basic units of logic: sequence, selection, and loop. Students will apply algorithmic solutions to problem-domain scenarios. Students will gain experience in using commercial and open source languages, programs, and applications.

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Computer Information Technologies Classroom Activities

Level Two | Senior Year


Students will install, configure, and troubleshoot network hardware and peripherals. Students will learn networking by exploring the OSI model, network topologies, and cabling. Students will design simple networks, know how to select physical devices, and be able to configure the equipment. Knowledge and skills relating to the operation and usage of network protocols will be developed. 

Information Technology Capstone

The capstone course provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge, attitudes and skills that were learned in their information technology program in a more comprehensive and authentic way. Capstones often include project/problem based learning opportunities that occur both in and away from school. Under supervision of the school and through community partnerships, students may combine classroom learning with work experience. This course can be delivered through a variety of delivery methods including cooperative education or apprenticeship.

Career Development

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Entry Level Positions

  • Computer Support

  • Help Desk Technical Support

  • Desktop, Mobile, Network and Peripheral Devices Support

  • Entry-level Computer Programming

Advanced Career Opportunities

  • Network Administrator

  • Virtualization Administrator

  • Web Programming and Development

  • Enterprise Desktop Installation and Support

  • Security Assurance Specialist

Earning Potential

  • Computer Support Specialists  $22.21*

  • Network & Computer Systems Administrators  $30.61*

  • Computer Programming  $32.38*

  • Computer Information Systems Managers  $55.41*

*State Average | Source: Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Employment Projections Report, 2010-2020

College & Advanced Education

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College Agreements

Edison State Community College
Earn up to 19 Semester Hour Credits upon successful completion of Edison State Proficiency Examination

Earn up to 13 Semester Credit Hours in Microsoft applications and Programming. 

Certifications Available

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
    (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access)

  • TestOut PC Pro Certification

  • CompTIA A+ 

  • TestOut Networking Pro

  • CompTIA Network+

  • Certiport Python

  • Certiport JavaScript

  • Google IT Support

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