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Schedule Pick-up Day (SPUD)

Tuesday, August 17

New Students First Day

Thursday, August 19

All Students First Day

Friday, August 20

What Do You Need?

Each lab has a Student Information Sheet with the listing of tools, supplies, uniforms, and fees.

This was handed out at open house, and is available on each lab's webpage.

Find your lab page here!


All students who attend Upper Valley Career Center are required to be in uniform every day.

Uniforms vary by program, but general requirements include:

  • The Upper Valley logo must be worn on the student’s top layer of clothing at all times.

  • Students should wear pants with no holes or frays.

Order from the Ernst Uniform Webstore

OneView Parent Portal

*Available beginning August 2, 2021*

Complete your student's school forms with the OneView Parent Portal

  • Emergency medical information

  • Parking passes and vehicle registration

Log-in to your account or click "lost password" to recover your account.

  1. Click "Dashboard Homepage" button.

  2. Click on “Submit & View Online Forms" button to begin completing the forms.

  3. Please fill out BOTH required Student Information and Medical Authorization

  4. If your student(s) will be driving to UVCC

    , complete the Vehicle Registration form.

Need some help? See our tutorial video

Online Payments

*Available beginning August 2, 2021*

Manage your school fees, cafeteria payments, and more all from the convenience of the PaySchools website and app.


August Lunch Menu - Coming Soon!

Student Handbook


Please call or email to report a student absent by 9:00am.

Delay and Cancellation Frequent Questions

Ms. Jennifer Henke, Attendance Office
P: 937.778.4666
Fax: 937.778.4677

Parking Passes

For parking passes and vehicle registration, please log into the OneView Parent Portal below.


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