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Interactive Media prepares students for careers using multimedia technology - developing online products for business, training, entertainment, communications, and marketing.  Students gain the necessary technical and academic skills to create, design, and produce interactive media products and services.

Skills Learned

Graphic Design

  • Conceive, design, layout, and manipulate digital/print graphics

  • Adobe Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Animate


  • Students will work with photography equipment to create, edit and publish works to be posted on the Web.

  • Green Screen

Web Development

  • Dreamweaver Graphic Design

  • CSS 3

  • HTML 5

  • Utilize creative animations, graphics, audio, and visuals to develop, program, and launch websites

Social Media

  • Best practices on utilizing social media for marketing and promotional needs.

Exceptional students may be ready for employment at the end of two years. Most students require additional training at a two-year tech school or post-secondary education.

Juniors | Level 1

Design Techniques

Students will learn techniques for transforming photographic images, through use of digital cameras, computers, and mobile devices. To accomplish this, they will learn software photo editing techniques including layering, color correction, masking, and special effects using current commercial and open source programs and applications.

Students will apply principles of image creation, management procedures, and multimedia techniques as they create, revise, optimize, and export graphics for video, print, and web publishing. The course will address issues related to web based publishing, social media, and security. Students utilize Adobe CC and open source languages, programs, and applications.

Seniors | Level 2


Students will animation and storyboarding techniques to plan production of an animation project. Students will design from script and storyboard actions in the pre-production planning process. Students will use commercial and open source digital animation software to create finished animations, cartoons and other short movies. They will accomplish this using animated text, character movements, voice, background sound, sound effects, camera movements, and multiple scenes.

Creating and Editing Digital Graphics

Students learn to design, develop, and produce interactive media projects, web sites, and social media contexts. Students will demonstrate methods of creating professional quality media using commercial and open source software.

Career Opportunities

  • Web Designer

  • Photographer

  • Desktop Publisher

  • Graphic Designer

  • Digital Media Specialist

  • Photo Editor

Certifications Available

Adobe Certification Exams

  • Photoshop 

  • Dreamweaver

  • Illustrator

  • Animate

College Credit Agreements

  • Edison State Community College

  • University of Northwestern Ohio

  • Clark State Community College

  • CTAG credits available 

Our Instructor

Susan Caudill, Level I & II Instructor
937.778.1980 x834