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First Responders Academy

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This program is designed to help students develop a wide range of skills needed to become a first responder.

This newly formed program has developed to meet the needs of the communities in our region.


Braxton Donaldson, Instructor

Student Information Sheet

Skills for the Future

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Build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills within the scope of first responders.

Participate in first responder rotations including Sheriff’s Department, Police Departments, Fire Departments and other local EMT/Public Safety Divisions.

Understand the basics of law, report writing, data processing, administration of justice and patrol techniques.

Discover how important interpersonal communication skills are during a traffic stop, fire emergency and a medical crisis.




Career Development

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Career Opportunities

  • Corrections


  • Dispatcher

  • Military

  • Private Security

  • Firefighter

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • Police Officer

  • Deputy Sheriff

  • Forensic Technician


  • ASP Baton Certification

  • Dispatch Certification

  • CPR First Aid

  • Firefighter Apprentice

  • EMT Short-Term Technical Certificate (through Edison State Community College)

Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Students who qualify have the opportunity to participate in one of three options for career development during their senior year. All three programs allow students to work within their career field while attending school on a modified schedule, so you they gain skills, experience and competitive wages.

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Career Advancement

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