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Nicole Luciano, Explore Coordinator
937.778.1980, Ext. 242

Megan Gabel, Instructor
937.778.1980 x776

Paula King, Paraprofessional
937.778.1980 x725

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A Unique Opportunity

The Explore Program at the Upper Valley Career Center is a unique opportunity designed to help students experience different careers through the career technical programs offered through the school.

The Goal

To help facilitate each student’s ability to secure employment that suits them.

Career exposure is facilitated through rotations where data is collected to show the interest and ability levels of each student. Participants, parents, and the IEP team will assess the student’s best path to achieve their goals upon completion of the program. Continued career pathways may include entry into a Career-Technical Program offered at Upper Valley Career Center, Project Launch, or direct and supported job placement. 

Program Fundamentals

Exploring the possibilities

  • Transition Skills

  • Workplace Skills and Attitudes

  • Leadership Skills

  • Community Resources

  • Interview Preparedness

  • Job Seeking and Job Readiness

  • Maintaining Employment

  • Nutrition and Grooming

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Basic Academic Review

Career Tech Programs

Based upon each students' interests, Explore participants typically explore the following programs:

  • Auto Services

  • Career Coffee Co.

  • Cosmetology

  • Culinary Arts

  • Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Environmental Occupations

  • Landscape Management

  • Medical Careers Academy

  • Veterinary Science