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  • This application will open at 6:00 pm on Thursday, December 2.

  • Information needed:

    • Basic student information - Name, date of birth, school

    • Programs of Choice - 1st and 2nd

  • An email will then be sent to your student's home school to request transcripts. See the Enrollment Timeline and Next Steps information below.

Enrollment Timeline


School Visits

November 2 - 12, 2021

Current UVCC students and staff members visit each of our 14 local school districts. Sophomores have the opportunity to talk with students from any of our programs to learn more about their experiences as a UVCC student. At the end of these visits, sophomores choose two labs to visit on Explore Careers Day.

Explore Careers Day

December 1, 2021

Students from our area schools visit UVCC during the school day to visit two career labs of their choice. This gives students a first-hand idea of what the Career Center has to offer.

Open House

December 2, 2021 | 6:00 - 7:30 pm

  • Visit the career lab(s) of your choice

  • Meet our instructors

  • Sign-up to attend UVCC for the 2022-23 school year

  • Applications open online at 6:00 pm to


    • Students do not have to be in the building to sign-up.

Have Questions?

Contact Mr. Andrew Snyder, Recruitment Coordinator
937.778.1980 x222

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a typical day at Upper Valley look like?

At Upper Valley, a student will spend half of the day in academic classes and the other half in their program lab focusing on specific career-technical skills and education.

Does it cost to attend Upper Valley Career Center?

There is no tuition at Upper Valley. There are expenses for items like tools, uniforms, workbooks, and lab fees. Costs vary according to program.

Upper Valley will not deny any student experiencing financial hardship a career-technical education. Financial assistance may include scholarships or grants, delayed payment, or waiver of fees for qualifying students.

Will I graduate from UVCC?

While you are enrolled at Upper Valley, you will remain a student and graduate from your home high school. In addition to receiving your diploma, you will be awarded a Career-Technical Certificate and a Career Passport from Upper Valley.

Can I still participate in activities at my high school?

Yes. Students that attend the Career Center regularly participate in extracurricular activities at their home school like sports, band, and various clubs. Those participating in after school activities are eligible for an early release to return to their home school to attend practices.

Can I still go to college?

Definitely. UVCC is actually a great stepping stone to college. Every career-tech program at UVCC offers some level of college credit with local colleges and universities. Additionally, students can choose to participate in the College Credit Plus program for their academic classes. This gives students a head start in their college career and saves them money at the same time.

Career Pathways


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Hospitality & Tourism

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Human Services

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1,000 Main Campus Students

3417 Satellite Students

25 Career Pathways

14 associate schools

93% Placement

34% advance to college

$1million plus in apprenticeship salaries

$355K in scholarships

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