Landscape Management

Landscape Management

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This program is designed to help students develop skills needed for entry-level jobs in the local horticulture and landscaping industry.


John Kreitzer
Level I & II Instructor
937.778.1980 x217

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What We Do in Landscape Management

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Skills for the Future

  • Landscape Drafting & Design

  • Landscape Installation

  • Business Ownership

  • Greenhouse and Hydroponic Growing

  • Plant Identification

  • Equipment Safety and Operation 

Landscape Management is:


  • Plumbing - irrigation and water features

  • Electrical - landscape lighting

  • Carpentry - pergolas, decks, and other landscape structures


  • Implement the skills and knowledge learned to provide solutions for landscaping and hardscaping projects

Art & Design

  • Design, create, and bring out the natural beauty of outdoor spaces

  • Create functional and eye-appealing solutions to client spaces

A Viable, Full-time Career

  • Jobs are abundant in this field. Companies are currently turning down thousands of dollars in work each year work due to a lack of technicians.

  • Many landscaping companies are offering college scholarship opportunities for their employees.

  • Careers in landscape management are year-round opportunities and not simply warm-weather jobs

Career Development

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Career Opportunities

  • Nursery | Greenhouse Technician

  • Landscape Professional

  • Garden Center Technician

  • Golf Course or Business Groundskeeper

  • Hydroponic Producer

  • Irrigation Technician

  • Beekeeper

  • Floral Shop Manager

Advanced Opportunities

  • Landscape Designer

  • Landscape Architect

  • Golf Course Superintendent

  • Business Owner

Industry Outlook

There are over 60,000 landscape professional jobs available each year with salaries ranging from $35,000 to well over $115,000.

Source: National Association of Landscape Professionals 

Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Students who qualify have the opportunity to participate in one of three options for career development during their senior year. All three programs allow students to work within their career field while attending school on a modified schedule, so you they gain skills, experience and competitive wages.

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Career Advancement

College Credit Agreements

  • Clark State Community College - up to 4 semester hours 

  • Edison State Community College - up to 4 semester hours

  • CTAG - up to 6 semester hours

  • Many landscape companies are offering college scholarships to employees who sign with them 

Professional Certifications & Training

  • Ohio Certified Nursery Technician Certification

  • Pesticide Applicator's License

  • Forklift Operator Certification

  • ZTR Mower Training

  • Small Engine Operation Training

  • Tractor Safety Training

  • Skid Steer Training

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