Winter Writing Contest Winners

Each year, the Upper Valley Career Center's Learning Resource Center hosts a series of three writing contests - Fall, Winter and Spring - where students can enter their original works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and/or multimedia based on a chosen theme. 

This winter’s theme was “Rough Starts and Good Byes.” Students, faculty and staff then pick their favorites through blind online voting. 

"It's a fun and exciting way to recognize our students’ many talents beyond the English classroom or lab," said Randy Sears, Library Media Technology Specialist and contest director. "This is our seventh year for the contest, and it continues to be successful thanks to our enthusiastic students and great support from our teachers and administrators."  

Thanks to all our students who participated and to all students, faculty and staff who voted.  The winners of the Winter 2023 LRC Writing Contest are: 

         1st Place: Madalynn Lundy - “Once, There Was a Bird”
         2nd Place: Lexi Blanton - “Burning Goodbyes”
         3rd Place: Lance Staley  - “Separated, But Still Human”

         1st Place: Josh Schilling - “Farewell To A Fallen Era”
         2nd Place: Mark Alexander - “The Red Spider Lily”
         3rd Place: Madalynn Lundy - “Brought Into The World And Taken Out Of It.”

         1st Place: Emma Willoby - “I Found You All Alone”
         2nd Place: Josh Schilling - “Rusted Soul”