Speak Up for Ag Program at Covington High School

In January and February 2023 the Ag. Advocacy Committee of the Covington-UVCC FFA Chapter worked with 11 5th and 6th grade students through the Speak Up for Ag Program after school. 

This program was started in 2022 and had five students participate, the growth this year included two areas for students to develop their advocacy skills. 

  • The 6th grade students worked together to research and create a presentation about the Impact of Agriculture on the state of Ohio. 
  • The 5th grade students each selected their own agricultural commodity to research and create a poster about the product.  

On the final night of Speak Up for Ag Club the young agriculturalists presented to over 45 family members and guests! This program is designed to develop future advocates and agricultural leaders within Covington's own school district. 

The Covington FFA chapter is a satellite of the Upper Valley Career Center and is under the direction of Mrs. Jessica Helsinger.