Quentin Lear, member of the month with Alexis Barhorst, chapter president

Photo: Quentin Lear, member of the month with Alexis Barhorst, chapter president

The Bradford-UVCC FFA Chapter continues to be blown away by the dedication and excitement of our members. We have many outstanding members and it’s hard to pick just one to spotlight each month. 

For the month of January, we picked a freshman in our chapter, Quentin Lear. Quentin is a great leader and a great example to not only other members but also the younger kids in our school. He comes to every meeting and participates in any activities we do. He’s a great student in the classroom who shows a lot of hard work and drive to learn. Quentin is the student that jumps at every chance he gets to try something new. Quentin helped a lot with our fruit sales and is always the first to volunteer when help is needed. He recently helped encourage many members to sign up and attend our monthly meeting and he does his best to get people interested and involved whenever they may be a little hesitant. Overall, he shows a lot of excitement in learning and experiencing new things through FFA. Quentin is going to have a very bright future in our chapter and FFA as a whole. 

Our SAE spotlight for January was also hard to decide on because we have some great projects going on and members have put a lot of hard work into their SAE’s. We decided to spotlight Jayden Dues and Chase Ashby, who chose to work together to develop their SAE. They had the idea to start a raking business during the fall when peoples yards are littered with leaves blown from the trees. It started as an on-the-fence idea but once they really got it rolling, they had a lot of success. The business started in early October and ended sometime in late November. Throughout this time, they made $400 total, $200 each. The boys went around town (wearing masks) asking people if they wanted their yards raked. They charged $10-20 depending on the size of the yard. They set a great example to other kids that if you want to achieve something, you can with lots of hard work and dedication. 

Every month, the officer team is blown away by the amount of members that truly deserve this monthly spotlight. It’s always hard to pick but everyone chosen is more than deserving of the honor. All of our members really show a love for FFA and our chapter. We’re very proud of each and every one of our members. 

Written By Isabella Brewer, Bradford-UVCC FFA Chapter Reporter