Cheryl Kies
Family and Consumer Sciences

Ohio Association Teachers of Family And Consumer Sciences

She received her Career Technical License in Family & Consumer Sciences (4-12) from Ohio State University in 2008 and her Intervention Specialist license (Mild/Moderate K-12) from Miami University in 2012. Cheryl is in her thirteenth year of teaching, all of which as a satellite instructor for Upper Valley Career Center at Troy High School. She is currently teaching the following classes: Culinary Fundamentals, Food Science, Global Foods and Child Development.

Cheryl has a very active FCCLA chapter. As an alumna, she wants to instill the same values and leadership experiences that she had in her high school days. Prior to the pandemic, all of her students participated in community service projects, which she is anxiously anticipating getting back into next year. 

In addition to being an advisor, Cheryl is also a member of OATFACS, a frequent presenter at conferences and sits on the board as a Representative-at-Large. Outside of her career, she keeps busy with raising her beautiful family, hiking, canoeing, UTV off roading and experimenting with new recipes as well as playing slowpitch softball. 

This year, Cheryl has been fine-tuning her Food Science lessons. Student favorites were:

  • Making a interactive digestive system model…Here, students cut up bananas and crackers with a butter knife (teeth), mix it with water (saliva) and dump it in the ziploc bag (stomach) where it mixes with vinegar (gastric juices) and then travels to the pantyhose (intestines). 

***We hope to see this one at conference 2021;)

  • Fats/Lipids Nutrient Oil Sampling... Students dip french bread into different oils as we talk about what type of fat it is, the health benefits, smoke point, and its many uses in cooking. Avocado oil is our new class favorite.

  • Molecular Gastronomy. This was a great individual lab as students used agar agar powder and gelatin to make chocolate caviar as a garnish for ice cream.

It is a pleasure to work with you Cheryl! We know your students love you! Your passion for FCS and enthusiasm in your teaching, networking and advising are infectious.

Congratulations Cheryl! 

Your hard work & dedication to the FCS profession is applauded! 

Thank you for all you do.