Traveling Smiles of Miami County

When was the last time you went to the dentist?

The health of your teeth is vital to the health of your whole body, but UVCC and Miami County Dental clinic know that seeing the dentist can get expensive. The Traveling Smiles Dental staff will provide exams and cleanings to any students that sign up - even if you do not have dental insurance or money to pay for the appointment.

Who Should Sign-Up?

If you check ANY of the following, please sign up.

  • You do not have a dentist.

  • You have a dentist but have not had a checkup or cleaning in over a year.

  • You are having toothaches. It may be your wisdom teeth!

  • You have noticed that your breath does not smell that great even after brushing.

  • You have little or no money for a dental visit.

  • You have no transportation to get to a dental appointment.

  • You have dental insurance but your dentist does not accept it.

  • You have a job, sports, or other commitments after school making it impossible to schedule a time to see a dentist.

  • You have noticed that your smile is not as bright as you would like


  •  Sign up NOW! Visits will begin the week of April 6.

How to Sign Up

  1. Obtain a Traveling Smiles Dental Clinic signup form that is available in the School Clinic, Student Services, the SAC, or at this link:

  2. If financial assistance is needed, complete the attached Dental Foundation Initial Referral form or obtain this form in the clinic, student services or SAC. 

  3. Return the form(s) to the nurse in the clinic, Student Services or the SAC. -Sign up quickly because the available appointments fill up fast!

Dental Foundation Payment Assistance

If you need help with paying for the dental visit, complete the Dental Foundation Initial Referral form and return it to the school nurse along with the sign-up forms

Dental Foundation Information:


If you have any questions, stop by the school clinic and ask Mrs. Mikolajewski RN.    


P: 937.778.1980 x210